Treasure Hunters Trust Time-Tested SK Watermakers

Scouring the ocean floor for treasure and historical artifacts is an exciting and time-consuming endeavor. With extensive stints at a site, sometimes months at a time, Amelia Research & Recovery needed a heavy-duty watermaker that could perform in the harshest marine conditions. For over seven years now, Amelia’s crew on Polly L, a unique lift boat, has relied on a SK Watermaker for all their fresh water needs.

Launched in the spring of 2000, Polly L was designed and built to locate, study and salvage ancient cultural deposits in ocean sites with significant archeological and historical interest, such as known shipwrecks. The 60′ recovery barge employs hydraulic jacks to lift it above the water for a secure on-site work facility. A 3-level aluminum structure features all the comforts of home, including a modular, 1,200 gallon per day SK Watermakers unit for fresh water.

In the last seven years, the crew has only had to perform routine maintenance and replace the watermaker’s filters. “If everything worked as well as that machine, we’d all be in a lot better shape,” said Amelia’s president and CEO Doug Pope.

On their most recent trips, Polly L headed to E-89, Tiger Shores and the Jupiter Wreck. At these sites, they found hundreds of pounds of marine-growth-encrusted artifacts and coins.

Pope is very happy with the reliable SK Watermaker. Polly L’s last trip out was 96 days and they never bring water along on board. “We couldn’t do that without our SK unit,” said Pope.

Using their own excavator, Amelia Research & Recovery blast the wreck clear of sand. They dive into the sea with metal detectors and come back up with gold, diamonds, emeralds, silver and other rare artifacts. The Polly L’s onboard systems set a standard in the industry. A ten-ton crane on the bow can lift heavy and deeply lodged objects, including a cannon they recovered from the Rosario, a ship lost in a hurricane in 1715.