Cleaners and Oil

General Pump Industrial Pump Oil

General Industrial Oil is a premium multi-purpose lubricant formulated to protect against rust and oxidation. It offers long service life and prevents sludge and varnish formation, even at high temperatures.

General Industrial Oil possesses a high natural viscosity index. This means more constant operating characteristics over wide temperature range.

Recommended for use in General Pump crankcases on systems requiring less than 25 BHP. Initial oil change after break-in period between 50 and 100 hours. Then every three months or 300 hours of operation thereafter. Check oil level in crankcase daily or before each use.

Regular lubrication is the easiest, most efficient and least expensive element in preventive maintenance.

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Chemicals, Lubricants, Etc.

membrane cleanerCH-750 Preservativesodium metabisulafte – 6 oz

CH-751 Membrane cleaner – low pH – 6 oz

CH-752 Membrane cleaner – high pH – 6 oz




membrane preservativeacid cleaner

membrane cleaner2